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Identify core strengths as well as areas where development and growth are required.

Accurately predict a job candidates future performance and organizational fit.

Detailed focus on area identification and pathways to professional or personal development.

Obtain an indepth understanding of Axiology while learning to interpret Ai assessment and screening reports.

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Consulting With Ai
Axiometrics International markets products through our Master Consultants and distributors. Each Master Consultant has thoroughly trained associate consultants who partner with them to market Ai products.

If you would like to know more about consulting with Ai and marketing Axiometrics® based products, please contact one of the Master Consultants or distributors listed below. Or feel free to contact us directly by using the "Contact Ai" option on the tool bar above.


Mitch Axelrod, Author of The New Game™
(973) 736-1304
K. T. Connor, PhD
Center For Applied AxioMetrics
(800) 790-3785

Pam Brooks, MA
Cornerstone Consulting International
(480) 664-9017
Judy Sabah, MCC/CMC/PMC
Cultures By Design
(303) 777-1765

   Greg Smith/Zeke Lopez
The Bus Concept, LLC
(800) 240-7327
  Jay Henderson
  Topline Performance
  (919) 518-2793

Mexico India

 Guillermo Barba Lluch
 (52 55) 5251 8393
EXON Solutions


 Andrea Burns
 Axiometrics Partners Ltd
 0845 024 0440
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