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Identify core strengths as well as areas where development and growth are required.

Accurately predict a job candidates future performance and organizational fit.

Detailed focus on area identification and pathways to professional or personal development.

Obtain an indepth understanding of Axiology while learning to interpret Ai assessment and screening reports.


Welcome To Axiometrics International!

Ai is the global leader in the extension and application of Axiology, the science of value that is based on the Nobel nominated research of Dr. Robert S. Hartman. Axiology accurately determines how individuals value the world and themselves.

More than ever, values are a focus in business and governmental decisions. As technological advances and the growing global economy continue to integrate cultures and ideas, organizations require unprecedented flexibility and the capacity to quickly adapt to change. These attributes are directly related to the value talent and decision-making capabilities of the individuals that comprise the organization.

Axiology clearly exposes how individuals think and make decisions. During 30 years of research, Ai's chairman, Wayne Carpenter, successfully expanded the mathematics of Dr. Hartman to account for 'real life' variables. This extension of Axiology is called Axiometrics(TM) and is used to mathematically measure and assess specific capacities of an individual. Axiometrics(TM) can be used not only to predict the subject’s future performance, but also to provide insight into their core competencies, talents, and developmental needs.


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